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Art Aligned with Emotion

I'm Kelly Bragg, a Local artist based out of Texas. Most friends and family call me Kelso. I love creating original works out of resin and acrylics, often which are inspired by nature or past/present events around me. I am a highly emotional person; in fact, I often joke that my subconscious runs the show around here. I quite literally pour my heart into each thing I create.

My pace as an artist is to always be creating something new or improving ideas I’ve tried and want to expand. I dabble in resin, acrylic, wood working as well as home improvement/restoration/design. May my creations give you a sense of peace and exclusivity in a world that can be full of chaos. Don’t forget to Bragg about it ;)

With love, for love, 


Why shop small?

Supporting small businesses is one of the best things you can do as a customer and as a citizen in the working economy. Not only do small businesses take more care in our work, but we also are able to offer a level of customer service and a relationship that large corporations and fortune500 companies can’t compete with. The nature of supporting local and small business art is such that everything purchased is an original work that directly feeds, medicates, and houses the person you purchased from. The amount of love and appreciation felt is unmatched; something beyond me that I will never be able to explain fully. It’s one of few transactions in the world that actually benefits all parties involved. No one is shorted, work standards are not lowered but often exceeded, and both people can enjoy their homes. What’s to lose? And generally, a person would follow with a downside or a con of some sort….but not here. I don’t have any cons! I can’t think of a reason you shouldn’t consider buying small, if I’m honest. That’s why I’m super happy to welcome you here to my shop, where every piece is made from inspiration and from the heart. Unable to fake the energy required, you can trust that each work is created for a special someone else who stumbles upon. Most orders come with a free gift, and all have reusable packaging and ways to contact me after the fact for the future, or to hand a friend. Tracking numbers are sent out via my shop to all orders at no extra cost. I am reachable on 3+ platforms at all hours (See contact me page). Small businesses unite! Thanks for being here 😊