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I seek to create affordable, original art that people can enjoy; it's my hope that by offering SHOPPAY, more collectors can have access to pieces they resonate with without breaking their bank.

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Commission Order Request


Does it cost money to inquire about a commission even if I'm not sure i'll go through with it?

No. It's completely free and even encouraged to inquire regardless of if you're ready to commit yet.

How much is shipping and what determines the prices?

Shipping prices are determined by size, weight and the cost of materials needed to package it securely.

What do I do if I have a discount code that isn't working?

Contact me! Email, social media or whatever else you can find me on.

How do I care for resin products, both art & decor?

All resin artwork and decor is NOT recommended for outdoor usage or storage. These items do best inside and away from extended sunlight exposure. No Alcohol or Isoproyl or any other chemical that could erode a surface.