How to Hang

A visual of using the frame of panel to hang on the screw which would be inside the wall. 

A visual of how I hang my art to avoid needing many tools.


-Try to hang statement pieces so that the center is about 60 inches off the floor

-2-3 inches of space between artworks on a wall is an ideal spacing

-Statement pieces should be about 1/3 - 2/3rds of the piece it is hanging above

-Artwork can be rested on shelves and layered to bring depth and movement

-Framing art can help the piece appear at least 3-6 inches bigger all around

-Sawtooth hooks are an easy, affordable way to attach a hanging method to a canvas/wood panel and allows for easy centering. It is also super sturdy

-You don't need wire to hang but if you do use it, be sure the attachments are for the correct weight/size canvas, otherwise the screws will slip right out when hung and the art will drop