Canvas Sizing/Styling

Often we see something we like and want to snatch it right up - but logic creeps in..."Will it fit?" "What size do I need to order?" "What if I get it and my wall still looks empty, maybe even awkward?" We've all been there, and we should! Money is not something that many want to waste, and nobody wants to be less satisfied than anticipated. Even though I am very open about every detail of my wall art pieces and always list the Size, I still want to bring comfort to my friends and collectors so that they are completely 'in the know' about what someone with design background such as myself has learned over the years in terms of wall art placement and filling up/finalizing the stages of wall decor. Read below to get tips on Sizing, Styling and Placement as well as personal suggestions throughout each section that *I* would consider when wanting to fill wall space without breaking the bank. 



Below are some standard sizes that I offer in relation to a typical Living room setting. Viewing these will help you follow along as I refer to specific sizes throughout!



Some Sizes that may not be pictured are 9x12inch and 10x20inch which are commonly used by me, but using the next closest sizes as reference will allow you to still get a good idea of those sizes not explicitly shown. I also may refer to "panel" and "canvas" interchangeably.  

As you can see, these sizes range widely and offer a plethora of options. Singles, sets, mosaic style, etc. While going through specific prices would be too tedious and given my customs page as correlating quoted sizes already (view here), my main biggest "price cut tip" is that sets are more affordable to ship than a single large canvas. 3 12x24's measures 36x24inches and runs around $950 to ship, where as a full sized single canvas measuring the same (24x36) runs around $1100 to ship. This is largely due to the fact that each 12x24 canvas weighs less combined than the single 24x36 canvas, and can be stacked inside a box which is significantly smaller than one 24x36inch box. 

However, what if 3 12x24's feels too clunky for your space, or what if you want the exclusiveness of one single 24x36inch because it would be more "your vibe?" Then go for it! I offer the Afterpay service within my shop which allows you to pay in installments and receive the item before you've even paid it off. This makes it much easier to get "the one" you really want. There's something about a single large geode that feels like the ultimate statement. Consider It!



"Okay, Kelly, but what if my wall is *so* empty that even a 3 piece 12x24 set isn't going to be enough? I love it but I want to spend wisely." You know those affordable wall pieces you've seen at the store that you tell yourself not to get? Well, sometimes it makes sense to build slowly and then get the finishing touch completed last. it offers you time to get a sense of your styling direction and really contemplate how you want your piece to look. I say GET those affordable pieces you like because you get to start with more (being each item is a bit cheaper) and sooner than later, you'll have spent 2 trips in a month and have 7 things on the wall already! Before you know it, you've carved out a space for the finishing piece and can now focus on that while you enjoy your nearly completed wall! It's impossible to avoid the "empty stage" entirely, but this will help you feel otherwise! 

As far as designs go, only you can really know what will complete your space and make it feel like home. I think a geode styled canvas can take an already beautiful space and add an elegance and class that is both satisfying without being overpowering. After all, these are inspired by real things in nature, and even if colors can be loud, geode art is executed in a way that balances the 'gaudiness' with the alignment of nature. But not everyone wants elegant and classy. For those seeking otherwise, I suggest expressionism abstract art and mixed medias. These pieces of mine often balance chaos and control, the yin and yang of color, placement and energy evoked upon viewing. Even though all art is evoking, these specifically seek to pull in a true "soulmate" because if you aren't aligned with it's energy or it's message, it is being neglected of someone who is or could be and you aren't doing yourself a service. I personally identify heavily with this style in my own home, but I tend to create more geode art as it has a special place in my heart as well. For these reasons, sit with yourself and decide what emotions and energies you'd want to go into the work you're interested in and develop a connection with it. 



Earlier I mentioned mosaic style wall art in addition to single canvasses and sets. Mosaics aren't done often as sets, but it also references a way of placing canvases on a wall. Instead of placing canvases side by side in perfect rows, often placing them in a spaced out version of 'corner to corner', or in a staggering manner can help bring an additional level of design to your space. It takes up more space and gives a gallery-like feel. Mixing in wall art with shelves, hanging plants, wall hangings, and lights can also help break up the wall space and offer some sophisticated vibes along with the glamour.  It's easy to over-do a wall. I often leave the 2-3 feet of each edge of the wall empty, allowing the mosaic placement of various wall décor to cascade down into a bottom that is more narrow than the top, often above a couch, fireplace, dining table or bed. When you have a random place in your house that isn't above a common area, say a hallway or a corner of the oversized living room, I often don't suggest another mosaic style set up. Instead, I'd recommend a medium sized statement piece (the 16x20 - 20x20 size range) with a more unique wall décor item with it, such as a decorative tassel or macramé hanging, or even a quotes of sorts. 


While this is a lot of information, I hope it helps inform you of your variety of options and your ability to create a place you love without being in a hurry and without breaking your bank. As always, thanks so much for the support and feel free to inquire with any questions, anytime. 

Best, Kelso :)