About Kelly

I have always been drawn to the creative aspects of life. A few of my memorable early interactions with Art are fun to recall. One in particular being that I use to construct elaborate doll houses out of cardboard, even for their pets. I also remember I once drew an image of a character in art class just by looking, and I was so proud of myself. I had to convince people I didn’t trace it! It’s the little things, as they say. 
I grew up knowing in my heart that I enjoyed making stuff, and I loved efficiency. I loved the idea that no one else could create like their neighbor.


Having this support and platform helps me achieve stability and validates me and my emotions. I always felt like my words and my person could be “polarizing” but I find that me speaking visually has always landed better.

I sometimes struggle to define my style because I genuinely have love in my heart for so many styles, and am drawn to speak through those styles because that’s where my personality falls. However, I’ll often define it as a combination of Eclectic, Minimal, Fine Art Deco Grunge.

I’m currently an online shop only but you can view some select pieces of my art at Art for the People Gallery located in Austin, Texas! I do markets locally and post about them on my social media accounts! Follow my Instagram at @braggaboutitartistry for updates on when you can see my work up close and personal. 

Below are some of my favorite creations and past works 

No mistakes, just ‘Happy Accidents’

Opal Geode Art
lace Coasters
geode vase
  Amethyst Geode