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Meet The Artist

Comparing Bragg About It Artistry at startup in 2018 to now seems unreal; we've grown! And we continue to grow, thanks to the support and love of our collectors. I am so appreciative. This isn't your typical portfolio in that I won't be listing all of my accomplishments, but rather remembering them briefly and hoping my works can speak for themselves and showcase exactly what I can do. I am always attempting something new, different or unexpected. That is the most exciting quality that I bring to my business.

Growing up in a small town in Texas, I have always been drawn to the creative aspects of life. I use to construct elaborate doll houses out of cardboard when I was little, even for their pets!  I grew up knowing in my heart that I should and could walk to the beat of my own drum. I enjoy making something that is ordinary more exclusive, and personal. I love the idea that no one else can create like their neighbor. When you are following your path, wild and extraordinary things happen. I struggle with BPD and have 2 years of DBT under my belt. This acts as a tool box for me and my emotions, but this artistic outlet is the best “tool” I’ve come across. I want to shed light on that disorder in my free time and speak from my years of struggle, as I feel compelled to share my words. Having this support and platform helps me achieve that and validates me always. Thanks for supporting small businesses and taking the time to get to know me! I hope my work can bring a sense of peace in this chaotic world. 


No mistakes, just ‘Happy Accidents’

Opal Geode Art
lace Coasters
geode vase
Petrified wood coasters
  Amethyst Geode