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Aside from starting my own business two years ago, I have been fortunate enough to network with a flooring and design company in my town, New Braunfels Flooring and Design. We connected over our love for our crafts/business and now we partner to install backslashes, counter tops and flooring with the help of this company. I am not able to install things out of state/out of my surrounding area but can still produce the product and ship it if you are able to install/get someone to install said item. Email me with inquiries.

Comparing Bragg About It Artistry at startup to now seems unreal; we've grown! And we continue to grow, thanks to the support and love of our collectors. I am so appreciative. This isn't your typical portfolio in that I won't be listing our accomplishments, but rather remembering them briefly and hoping my works can speak for themselves and showcase exactly what I can do. I don't want to limit myself to the accomplishments I've made, because I plan to accomplish even more. I am always attempting something new, different or unexpected. That is the most exciting quality that I bring to my business.

Thank you for considering me and for the support you've shown me. I can only hope for the opportunity to continue doing what I love and making other's smile.


No mistakes, just ‘Happy Accidents’

Opal Geode Art
lace Coasters
geode vase
Petrified wood coasters
  Amethyst Geode