Place a Custom Order

If you would like to place a custom order, fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or email me after reviewing the information below - I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Once I review your custom order request, I will reach out to you and give you an estimate on your order. Please allow up to 3-4 days for a response. If you choose to follow through with the custom order, I will then ask for a down payment (which is half of the total cost of the item) to secure the custom order spot. After it is completed, I will collect the remaining balance as well as the shipping information to then ship the order. Please read policies on returns, down payments and shipping. I accept venmo, Zelle, or Apple Cash. I am open to payment splits up to 5. If you are interested in 5 payments instead of 2, please let me know in the customs form so we can adjust the price of the expected downpayment.

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks to complete a custom order.
If after 5 days you have not heard from me at all, please reach out to me on Twitter (kelsotheartist) or IG (braggaboutitartistry) in case there has been a website/email glitch.    


Canvas Art

My Art is typically made on .5, 1 or 1.5 inch depth cradled birch wood panels. Sometimes I will use stretched canvases, too. The sides of the wood panels are often left as exposed wood unless otherwise specified. Each piece is original artwork and cannot be exactly recreated, making them special and exclusive to each buyer.  For geode art, crushed stones are used for texture in addition to a high quality epoxy resin. After I capture a mirror/glass like finish with this hand-mixed plastic like material, I detail in gold metallic details. Silver mica is used upon request. Layouts are chosen by me, unless otherwise requested. For Fine Art & Abstract Art, various medias might be used to achieve the desired effects such as paint, textures, inks, metal, etc. 

By size:

*Prices subject to change* (Shipping costs not included*)

8x10 canvas - $120

9x12 canvas - $130

12x12 canvas - $140

12x16 canvas - $160

14x18 canvas - $170

10x20 canvas - $180

12x24 canvas - $200

16x20 canvas - $250

20x20 canvas: $300

18x24 canvas - $350

24x30 canvas - $575

24x36 canvas - $680

3 Piece Triptych (2 10x20's and a 12x24) - $700-$800 (seen below)

3 Piece Triptych (2 8x16's and a 10x20) - $500

3 Piece Triptych (3 12x24's) - $850

3 Piece Triptych (3 10x20's) - $650

30x40 Canvas - $1100

36x48 canvas - $1200

Larger sizes/installments please contact for pricing

Coaster Customs:

Coaster shapes vary, please select the one you like most and include it in the Custom order form. Prices are subject to change and do not include shipping.

  4pc square - $70

 4pc Agate Triangle - $70

 4pc Agate irregular Circle - $70

 2pc square - $50

2pc agate triangle - $50

2pc agate irregular circle - $50


To place an order for a table:

-Find a table online that you like, that matches your preferred style/material. You will be attaching it to your order form and I will order it to me directly. 

-Decide your colors and your style (geode, marble, floral, any other concepts you want the design to be). If you select the geode style, you will need to tell me if you want it flat  or textured. Even a textured table is functional as I strategically place the rocks to allow for optimal use. Note that a Flat geode table is more expensive than a Textured geode table.

 -When filling out custom form, link me to the table you want me to buy, all the details desired, and I will get back with you on a Quote before buying linked table. Expect to spend anywhere from $275-850+ On tables depending on size/style/shipping 


Custom Holographic circular end table
Pastel Textured Freeform Geode Table with holographic center
Custom Terra Cotta and Sage square flat geode table

Please include within your request:

  • Other Sizes preferred/Sizes you'd like to have quoted
  • Colors/Keywords/"Vibes" desired
  • Gold, Silver, or Bronze details? (if any)
  • Any other details you would not like left to the artist


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