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My First Gallery Exhibition!

I’m honored and overjoyed to share that 3 of my original works are currently on display at Art For the People’s Gallery located in Austin, Texas near SoCo! It’s been a goal of mine since the beginning of my art career to be included in a space with other local artists and I couldn’t be happier to be part of this new community!

The exhibit “ART SPREE” goes from Jan. 29th - April 5th of 2022. You will find my “purple and sage agate,” “The 20’s,” and “Intuitive” on display and for purchase right off the walls! I hope you’ll go check these out in person if you’re able, or tell a friend who is! 

Tremendous thanks to any and all who continue to support and root for me on my journey. Thanks for being part of the ride and thanks for allowing me to grow whilst sticking by my side! You have my he(Art). 

With love,

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