At checkout, you agree to the fact that orders that may be lost/stolen are not eligable for refunds.All proof provided by shipping companies is taken as such. All of my orders offer free tracking and tell you the expected date/time of arrival.

Allow 1-10 business days for orders to arrive

of placing order. This is incredibly important, as I want my clients to know this before purchasing. 

DAMAGED ITEMS-- items that arrived damaged must be reported to me within the day it arrives in order to be replaced/refundable. If 2 days later you have not reported to me that It arrived damaged, I am not responsible for replacing/refunding. Items damaged later due to heat, force, scratching/abrasion, cracking, falling off walls, etc. will not constitute a replacement/refund as they did not occur while they were in my possession. Everything is warned to be handled with caution in the descriptions. 

YELLOWING ITEMS: Sometimes, over exposure to heat/humidity/UV can cause resin to yellow. This is a chemical reaction. Another reason for this could be due to a constant changing of temperatures. Resin is known to yellow sometimes and as a newer artist, I have learned and tested brands that work, and some that haven't been reliable. Because of this, some people may experience a yellowed piece over time. I cannot refund for this issue due to the inability to know what has caused the yellowing.

HANGING ART-- Most canvases smaller than 14x14 are lightweight enough to rest on a couple push pins or nails. Larger, heavier items are suggested to be hung securely into the studs of the wall or with Dry Wall Hooks or Molly anchor bolts. There are many ways to hang heavier art work; each living situation is different, so research the best methods for what your home allows. I am not responsible for items that are broken in a fall. Reach out to me if this happens, though, so that I can try to accommodate the inconvenience in ways other than reimbursement, such as discount codes

INJURY/CUTS-- I am not responsible for injury, cuts or illness as I have warned about potentialities in my FAQ and Policies page, as well as descriptions of items with potential hazards. Please still let me know if this occurs so I can accommodate the inconvenience in other ways such as discount codes, a free mini, etc.

ANSWERING MESSAGES-- I am quite busy so when/if I don't get to your request/DM/message right away but you see I am active online, DO NOT worry! I see you and am just waiting for the right time when I'm able to be in front of my board and write down all the info/details being given to me! I will not forget about you! If under the rare circumstance you are truly worried I have forgotten, please do not hesitate to politely ask me about the status of your order!

CUSTOM WORK-- anything not specified in the customs form is up for creative freedom when I begin working. If there are things like layouts, certain rocks, gold vs silver, or any other variation you want me to know, please include that info so that I'm not left to assume! I allow 2 changes for free after the first reveal of a custom work to accommodate for the potential of miscommunicated details. After that, I have to charge $50 extra for each change made

RECREATIONS-- these are possible in that we can use the same colors, layout and details as a previously made/sold piece, but note that I will never be able to recreate a piece EXACTLY. Any issues with a recreation being slightly different will not constitute a refund or replacement of any kind.


VENMO— Venmo has changed their policies as of 2021 and are beginning to charge a fee that they take from the payment sent to me. This means, if and when there is ever a refund occurring when using venmo, I am NOT responsible for sending back the Fee within that transaction; I would only refund the literal amount that hit my account so that I am not going into my own pocket. Agreeing to Using Venmo is agreeing to this Clause within my shop. No exceptions. \



"How long does an order take to arrive after purchasing?"

- Order arrival varies upon the delivery option selected; I always opt for Priority Mail that USPS offers which tends to be 2-8 day delivery Priority Mail. Allow up to 1-10 days for an item to ship after placing the order on my website. After it’s shipped, it will arrive within 2-8 business days.


"How do I hang heavier work?"

- For heavier work, use your best judgment to determine whether or not you will need to use Dry Wall Hooks, Molly Bolt Anchors, or regular nails/screws in studs of the wall. When hanging on nails, try to space out 3-4 nails for the piece to rest on so that less weight is resting on each nail. One nail for a heavy item may slowly bow forward and later fall off wall. ***** I am not responsible for items damaged that fall off wall or any injuries whatsoever and there is no refund issued for work that falls off walls****  

"How long does Custom work take?"

-this depends entirely on the amount and size of the order placed. Generally, a single-item order can be completed in 1 week to 4 weeks time, in addition to shipping times. I don't work on short deadlines, so if you have a deadline to meet, please allow me 2 months notice ahead of the date you need the order. 


"Why don't you paint the sides of your work?"

-This is entirely a preference; I love raw, exposed wood and I like to highlight the natural aspect of my art where I use wood panels frequently. A lot of creatives do this to demonstrate their technique in the craft, where as some prefer to color the sides. If you want your piece to have colored sides instead of the raw edge, please leave a note when purchasing off of my website or requesting a custom! It’s no extra charge 


"Do you teach classes or offer Free information to beginners?"

-I get asked a lot if I offer ways to learn or if I can share some info for beginners. I unfortunately do not. After learning and investing financially in myself, I can confidently say that doing the same is the best advice I can give! It allows you to build a connection with your craft and discover your own, unique style!


"Heat and Resin; is there a problem?"

-There can be. any functional item made of resin can't withstand a flame, or direct heat, and might become flexible/malleable in such temperatures or In humidity. Sometimes, when items like coasters are stacked and in heat/humidity, they can stick together and sometimes even break. Please avoid leaving your items in the sun, garage, or around a direct flame of any kind. I am not responsible for damaged items


"Scratching the Resin coating; can I restore the shine?"

- Yes. Resin scratches when abrasive things collide with the surface. These are often harder materials such as metal, wood, Plexiglas/acrylic material, etc. Please always consider resined items as fragile in this sense. I want to remind that a scratched item is still beautiful being that it’s handmade and one of a kind--no handmade item can be immaculate, though I understand the OCD/annoyance of a scratch, and sometimes it does distract. When it distracts, use food safe/natural oil and buff that into the scratch. This will help bring back shine and mask the scratch well, but again- not immaculately. 


"Are the rocks used sharp?"

-Yes, they definitely can be sharp. I urge you to handle with caution when unpacking and hanging! I try my best to keep it clean and consolidated in the dedicated areas but sometimes a rock will rest a certain way that requires you to still execute caution. In such cases, please especially handle carefully.


"How do payments work for custom orders?"

-I will only collect a custom order if the person is able to pay half, or full, costs up front. this ensures me that the client is serious and not wasting my time/materials. All down payments of half costs are NON REFUNDABLE after 24hrs of placement! This is incredibly important, as I want my clients to know this before purchasing. Under very rare and specific circumstances will a deposit/down payment be refundable.
If you pay in full & up front and must back out, then you will only receive a 75% refund of the full payment made.


"What payment methods do you use for custom orders?"

-I accept Venmo and Zelle. Venmo can be found at the username: braggaboutitart

Zelle info will be given to those who prefer those forms of payment. Tell me in the customs form what payment method you want.


"where do you get inspiration?"

-efficiency, cool gadgets, eclectic items! My friends, other artists, my experiences, my feelings, my surroundings, etc! Inspiration is everywhere and I love to navigate my subconscious to figure out exactly what I want to say in my next piece 


"Best way to reach you?"

-Email, or twitter! I get most activity off twitter, so please resort to this option when feeling lost/confused on where to contact me. - @kelsotheartist