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Hanging Hardware - sawtooth hooks

Hanging Hardware - sawtooth hooks

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These are the attachments I use on wall pieces that don't hang well on their own by allowing the back wooden frame to rest on the nail/screw head. 

The benefit of a sawtooth hook is being able to maintain its leveling easier and not get as tilted as much over time by the use of doors of a house slowly reverberating through the walls as it opens and closes. We don't think of these things, but it has much better balance and stability with these hooks. If ever uncentered, just slightly lift up and hover over to the left or right a bit (whatever you need), and then bring down again until you feel it attach to the wall. 

These hold a maximum weight of 20lbs, but when you use more than one on a piece, it disperses the weight evenly onto all, making it less for each hook, which is a way to get around using these for over 20lbs IF wanted. Never necessary as there are heavier weight options out there. 

Each order comes with a single metal sawtooth hook and 2 matching screws as well as one screw for the wall. 

Screwdriver not included! 

How to:

-Simply mark the wall where you're wanting the top of the painting to be. 
-hammer a nail or screw a screw into the wall on that spot (a nail on the wall is fine, but just not to attach the sawtooth to the artwork itself). 
-Now you can use a star screwdriver to adhere the  sawtooth hook to the back of the wooden frame.
-then hang it on the already placed nail/screw attached into the wall. 
 Now you have a plethora of room to hang the work and adjust until it's straight! The sawtooth hooks have around 10-14 jagged edges and all of those are fair game to level your work. All of that space is good for fidgeting around on the wall until it's perfect. 

if further instruction is needed, please watch a YouTube video of a sawtooth hook being installed. 

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