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Blurp - 12x16" Clay on Canvas

Blurp - 12x16" Clay on Canvas

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An emotional depicted piece. 

"Blurp" - 12x16" hand sculpted clay on wood 

You may notice a "pocket" protruding out of the right corner. Let's call it a "blurp"

an empty, disrupted opening amongst the fluid, enclosed, cascading design.

I made this piece as a visual representation of how I feel when I get the sudden emptiness and dread that comes with BPD

It seems impossible to portray verbally

It always comes when I'm amongst friends and family feeling comfortable, a sense of belonging

§ then I will have a sudden "blurp" of emptiness that feels like "this is all gonna end."

"Do they know that this is all gonna end one day?"

the canvas is me & the blurp is my heart.

I guess it feels like my heart droops and loses it's structure. It falls open without a proper go-ahead. I am forced to maintain conversation, facial expression, the physical urge to crumble and look down with a heavy sigh, connect with myself, and come back.

This visual came to me one day as I was pondering the feeling as it overcame me. It was finally here, the thing ive been waiting for

It was just a blurp

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