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Amethyst Agate Resin Table

Amethyst Agate Resin Table

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Reclaimed wooden table with faceted, chunky cut-out legs offering a boho, mid century modern vibe. Painted with acrylic to resemble amethyst agate & sealed with resin on all sides! This shape allows the table to be stacked/paired with others and is great for decorative purposes but certainly works as a functioning item, as well. 

Resin is a beautiful yet higher maintenance material than others. Like wood, it can be scratched when an abrasive item or action makes contact with the clear coat so for this reason, please treat it as you would any other "nice" piece of furniture. Water droplets are perfectly fine; can be washed with soap and water, but NO isopropyl or chemicals that could erode the top coat. 

NOT for outdoors/sun exposure. While it can withstand most climates for short periods, it could cause a foggy or yellowing effect within the resin and potentially ruin the design of left out over time. 

Table weighs approx 7-10ths. It's solid wood but is definitely moveable by one person. EXPECT TO PAY APPROX $70-80 for shipping!! Sometimes people forget how big things are and that shipping goes by weight! It's completely standard. 

top: 13.5 inch x 13.5 inch 

height: 15 inches from ground 

width: 13.5 inches 

inner opening: 12 inches from ground and nearly 9 inches across  -  measurements can be seen in the images as well 

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