*ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No Cancellations, refunds or returns. There is no reason an item is accidentally bought. Fees and costs can be seen without actually checking out. If you check an item out “accidentally,” is it on YOU. I order materials right away upon receiving orders because I am proactive and excited. For this reason, all orders are final. No exceptions* 

SHIPPING—items that have been shipped are not my responsibility as I have no control over the postal service whatsoever. I provide tracking to all orders and can work with you to report a lost package by giving details but I am not responsible for reporting a lost item nor am I responsible for re-creating the item, nor will I give a refund. At checkout, you agree to the fact that refunds are ineligible for lost/stolen items. The most I can do for a lost package is offer a discount code to you. All orders are allotted a week and a half before they’ll be shipped due to previously purchased orders as I work in terms of who ordered first. I package orders with care and am as prompt with shipping as I can be! Please know sometimes packages take longer due to human error at the post office, so packages whose tracking say that it has been “stuck” for a while might arrive suddenly. This is why I ask all people waiting on a stuck package to please give it a week and a half to two weeks before we consider it lost. All orders NOT opting for a signature waive their ability for a refund if item is lost.

--All down payments are NON REFUNDABLE after 3 days of placing order. This is incredibly important, as I want my clients to know this before purchasing. You will not be asked for the remaining payment, however the down payment is not refundable. If you have cancelled/reached out to me before 2 days of placing order, you will be refunded in full. 

DAMAGED ITEMS-- items that arrived damaged must be reported to me within the day after it arrives in order to be replaced/refundable. If 2 days later you have not reported to me that It arrived damaged, I am not responsible for replacing/refunding. Items damaged later due to heat, force, scratching/abrasion, cracking, falling off walls, etc. will not constitute a replacement/refund as they did not occur while they were in my possession. Everything is warned to be handled with caution in the descriptions. 

YELLOWING ITEMS: Sometimes, over exposure to heat/humidity/UV can cause resin to yellow. This is a chemical reaction. Another reason for this could be due to a constant changing of temperatures. Resin is known to yellow sometimes and as a newer artist, I have learned and tested brands that work, and some that haven't been reliable. Because of this, some people may experience a yellowed piece over time. I cannot refund for this issue due to the inability to know what has caused the yellowing. What I can do, is rework the artwork. This means I fund the shipping of the item back to me, and I redo the work with my trusted (and only) brand of resin I use; Art Resin. It does not yellow and is widely known for its quality and ability to help art last longer. After reworking the piece, I ship it back to you. Pieces larger than 24x30 will have to have shipping costs split, where I pay half and the client pays half. 

HANGING ART-- Most canvases smaller than 20x20 are lightweight enough to rest on a couple push pins or nails. Larger, heavier items are suggested to be hung securely into the studs of the wall or with Dry Wall Hooks or Molly anchor bolts. There are many ways to hang heavier art work; each living situation is different, so research the best methods for what your home allows. I am not responsible for items that are broken in a fall. Reach out to me if this happens, though, so that I can try to accommodate the inconvenience in ways other than reimbursement, such as discount codes or a free mini. 

INJURY/CUTS-- I am not responsible for injury, cuts or illness as I have warned about potentialities in my FAQ and Policies page, as well as descriptions of items with potential hazards. Please still let me know if this occurs so I can accommodate the inconvenience in other ways such as discount codes, a free mini, etc.

ANSWERING MESSAGES-- I am quite busy so when/if I don't get to your request/DM/message right away but you see I am active online, DO NOT worry! I see you and am just waiting for the right time when I'm able to be in front of my board and write down all the info/details being given to me! I will not forget about you! If under the rare circumstance you are truly worried I have forgotten, please do not hesitate to politely ask me about the status of your order!

CUSTOM WORK-- anything not specified in the customs form is up for creative freedom when I begin working. If there are things like layouts, certain rocks, gold vs silver, or any other variation you want me to know, please include that info so that I'm not left to assume!

RECREATIONS-- these are possible in that we can use the same colors, layout and details as a previously made/sold piece, but note that I will never be able to recreate a piece EXACTLY. Any issues with a recreation being slightly different will not constitute a refund or replacement. 

PRICING-- I am charging for materials, my hourly rate, exclusivity, shipping, sales tax, federal tax, and employee payment. These can help explain why my pricing is set as it is. Each item is made to order, customized and unique in that it cannot be exactly recreated.