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Intuitive Series

“Intuitive” is a series I’ve created that is based upon my current life experiences. As a 24 year old, I am in the stage of carving out my place in this world & I’d like to do so in such a way that I feel happy with who I am, what I represent, and what I foster around me. I want to be Resolved, Resilient, Gracious, Centered, Wise. These are just some of the qualities and concepts I am hoping to communicate to you by painting with them in this series. I want to Reconcile the damage of the past. “Kintsugi” is a worldly technique of using gold to fix the broken; they’d literally fill chips and holes and gashes on surfaces/art to make beautiful again the once broken surface/art. It doesn’t hide the flaw, but rather casts it in a golden light that shimmers for all to hear and see its story. It Recharges the event to be felt as better for the next who see it. I’ve been mentally Kintsugi-ing my way through life for quite some time. Working through a personality disorder has been challenging, but I’m ready to channel all of my intensity of feelings into this series through a Modern and Minimal lense. You will see brush strokes, shiny top coats, lots of gold and negative space. You might also see other metallics such as Silver and Copper, to appeal to differing home styles. These colors are about Resolution, Recovery, Strength, creation, and growth. Synonymous with these are the colors of white, Grey, Brown, soft Blue, soft Warm tones of yellow, maroon. These are all made of various layers of resin and pigments/acrylic. I hope this Inspired Series can resonate with you in some way. 

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