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Create Your Own Geode

A “geode” is a style of wall art that I specialize in that includes textured stones, pigmented epoxy resin and metallic detail lines. These are created on wood panels and range in size, layouts, themes, etc.  Here, you can select from a wide variety of colors, a handful of layouts and few different sizes to ‘create your own’ Geode Art. 

-The colors you select will be used on the layout version you choose as well as the metallic you choose (silver or gold). Please type in the notes at checkout which metalliclayout Letter, and the colors you are wanting. colors not seen in “Create your own” can be emailed to me as a custom request where I can assist your specific desires. Next, you will select your size. Prices will reflect the size chosen. Larger sizes not seen must be emailed to me as a custom requested item. 
Process: Please note these will take 2-3 weeks to CREATE the art as these are made to order. In addition, shipping may take an additional 3-10 days. You will receive your notification for tracking once the item has shipped. 
Originality Disclaimer: All pieces seen above are digital versions created to give the buyer a somewhat realistic way to visualize the layout. These are not nearly as pretty, proper, detailed or vibrant/special as the art itself will be. This means that the exact placement of exact color can and will never be EXACTLY as I’ve digitally laid it; it will be as close to it as humanly possible. If the pink area on the geode you receive is .5cm Thicker than this digital mock up shows, that is OKAY and EXPECTED. NO refunds can be given for these reasons. It’s still the same inspired piece that is recognizable as a recreation of this digital mock up. This is the same rule of originality when dealing with paintings and other art pieces. 
POLICIES: NO cancellations, refunds, or returns. All orders placed are FINAL upon processing. 

These will come ready to hang on a wood panel and each weigh between 1-7lbs depending on the size. Expect the larger sizes to start at 7lbs and reach anywhere from that of 11lbs.